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THANK YOU to all the amazing bloggers on the Blog Tour for ANOTHER GOOD KILLING your help, as always, is very much appreciated.  Thank you very much.  Stephen & Jill.

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Lady J’s Bookish Nook

This is my third book by Stephen Puleston and I am totally loving the Inspector Marco series. I like him more and more as a character with each book. The author sure knows how to write a good police procedural…this is another great example.  Read more here

Black Books Blog

I really liked all the added twists to this book, and the fact that so many people are hiding something makes it all the more intriguing.  Read more here


Donna’s Book Blog

I have read a few books by this author now and one thing I can always relay on is a well planned out story, that is well written with some fantastic, believable characters – and this one was no different!  Read more here


Linda Strong Book Reviews

As with all this author’s books, it is a well written crime thriller. The crimes are believable and thoroughly thought out. Marco is a great series character. I like how his personal life is blended with his professional life. Read more here


Ginger Book Geek

‘Another Good Killing’ is extremely well written.  I was hooked on the book from the moment I opened the front cover so to speak.  The author certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start.  There were more twists and turns in this book than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ cover.    Read more here


Joanna Larum’s Reviews

This is a well-written story with believable characters and enough excitement to keep the reader entertained. I must admit to enjoying this one more than the first one and I’m hoping that this upward trend continues with the third novel.  Read more here


Books from Dusk till Dawn

Stephen Puleston really sets a cracking scene for the reader with his books. The crimes are intriguing to say the least and the main character Marco is always pushed to the brink. I don’t see Marco as a weak character though. It in many respects it gives him focus to keep him occupied but he has to deal with issues one at a time, seeming like he at times doesn’t care.  Read more here

Turn the Page Blog

The action starts from the beginning and doesn’t stop until the end.  I found this book hard to put down as i compulsively wanted to keep reading.  Read more here

Sassy Redhead Book Reviews

Another Good Killing was another great read by Stephen Puleston, It was fast paced, with twists and suspense throughout. The way that Detective Marco figures out each case is unique and his instincts are generally always on. He gets that “gut feeling” when something feels off or not quite right, and when he investigates further or looks as the facts again he can generally find a clue that will help him.  Read more here

Another-Good-Killing - coverAnother Good Killing (Inspector Marco #2)

Available from Amazon

Does any man deserve to die?

When a well-connected and wealthy banker is found dead in his luxury car in the middle of Cardiff, the motive for the crime seems clear. The killer even left a note telling the world the man deserved to die, simply for his greed.
But despite the obvious clues, seasoned detective, John Marco has his doubts that this was just a disgruntled employee. The killing was too clean, the crime scene too perfect. Marco also has a gut feeling that the family of the victim are hiding something…

And when another business executive is murdered, Marco’s fears come true – there is now a serial killer to catch. An online video points to a violent anarchist group, determined to make the bankers pay for their perceived sins. But Marco doubts a ragtag bunch of anarchists would be granted breathing space in the world of the sophisticated uber rich.

As the case progresses and Marco starts piecing together the clues, things take a dramatic twist when a member of Marco’s team is kidnapped. Now the killer has made things personal and Marco faces a race against time to bring the murder to justice – before it’s too late…

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