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This is a rolling blog.  Each day I will feature a different author with their personal opinion of working with their publisher: Joffe Books and also a little about them and their books.

‘I first saw Joffe Books across a smoky room and it was love at first sight.

Okay, I found them online but, essentially the same. Joffe offered me a contract on my book, Habit, in late autumn, 2013. By January we had the book to market and I was swooning and quitting my day job.

Okay, no, that’s not exactly true either. What’s true is that the contract offer itself encouraged me to write more, and by mid-way through the year we had another book out, Survivors, and another after that, and one after that, and we just kept going.

I pride myself on being one of Joffe Books first crime thriller authors. Back then I was in the company of Betsy Reavely and John Yorvik, but that was about it. Along came Eliza McCullen, Taylor Adams, Pete Tickler… and then Joffe Books really exploded: Helen Durrant, Michael Hambling, Joy Ellis, Derek Thompson, Janice Frost, Anna Penketh, Roy Chester, Charlie Gallagher, Gretta Mulrooney, Faith Martin… am I name dropping? Yeah. Am I also subtly crediting myself with having a hand in the Joffe Books revolution? You bet.

Okay, sure, if it hadn’t been me, it would’ve been someone else. But I do like the idea that I was there from the early days, and maybe I played a role in helping Jasper Joffe build his community of writers and readers. What’s inarguable, though, is the impact Jasper Joffe has had on my writing and my life. His editing and knowledge of the business helped transform me from a guy hoping to get a book published to a guy living off his books. Will that last forever? Who knows. But I don’t think anyone else could have mentored me into writing full-time other than Jasper Joffe.

It hasn’t always been easy. Bringing a book to market is like raising a child, and the parents are prone to squabble over what’s right. I’ve probably squabbled more than any other writer, but that’s because I’m a pain in the ass. And, to be fair, all but one of my books with Joffe were written as I went along – I didn’t have a bunch of previously scribed books to be re-edited and re-titled. (I’m looking at you, Charlie Gallagher…)

Jasper Joffe clearly has a gift. I met him once in Manhattan, May of 2015, and found him affable and soft-spoken with a good sense of humor. We ate cheeseburgers at a busy little place and I had my then eleven-year-old son along with me; we went to a pool on the roof of a hotel where my son and Jasper’s daughter splashed around while Jasper and I lounged and talked books.

The relationship between writer and publisher is dynamic. A meeting of art and commerce. But Jasper is an artist, too, and an author. He’s able to bestride both worlds, and he’s been massively successful at it.

Cheers to Joffe Books, and best wishes for continued success!’  by T.J. Brearton

Books by T.J. Brearton


HABIT: a gripping detective thriller full of suspense (Titan Trilogy Book 1) by [BREARTON, T.J.]HABIT

Rookie Detective Brendan Healy investigates the death of Rebecca Heilshorn, a young escort with ties to powerful people in high places, while he struggles with addiction and past demons.

Explodes with gun battles, conspiracies, relapses, and detours into the seedy world of internet porn…a hard-boiled mystery with a modern twist.” – Margot Harrison, Seven Days


SURVIVORS: a gripping thriller full of suspense (Titan Trilogy Book 2) by [BREARTON, T. J.]SURVIVORS

Two years later and as a private citizen, Healy investigates the death of a friend, tied into the same escort service and multinational corporation – Titan – now being watched by Jennifer Aiken, an agent with the DOJ. When Aiken gets kidnapped, Healy races to save her.

So the first was intense, and this was double the intensity, with some heart palpitations all in one! Explosive writing!!” – Amazon review


DAYBREAK: a gripping thriller full of suspense (Titan Trilogy Book 3) by [BREARTON, T.J.]DAYBREAK

Imprisoned for the murder of a powerful businessman, Healy escapes jail in order to find Rebecca Heilshorn’s daughter. Healy and Aiken are fugitives, dogged at every turn, rushing to uncover the truth behind Titan and its collusion with the federal government.

I feel it could actually be happening. A fast-paced, couldn’t-put-it-down read, I highly recommend this series to those of you who love to wonder where the author got his ideas.”                   – Goodreads review


Black Soul 2.jpg


Now expatriates, Healy and Aiken become Chase and Beckett, fighting human trafficking and government corruption around the world. A missing young woman draws them to Central America, where Healy’s impulsiveness and rough methods may take their final toll.

Brearton does it again… it’s as though you’re there or have been there before, making you a part of the story.” – Amazon review



dark-web-crack.jpgDARK WEB

(Detective / Technological Thriller)

A teenage boy is found dead on a snowy road. Veteran detective John Swift investigates.

The author has a way of making me feel the emotion of the characters. The plot was impeccable. I loved every minute of it.” – Amazon review


Dark kills gray.jpg


(Detective / Serial Killer / Police Procedural)

A serial killer on a college campus. Detective Dana Gates must put herself on the line to stop the violence.

Great author. The story line is gripping and could actually happen. Up until the end I still couldn’t figure out who did it. The characters are so real, you relate to their situations. I couldn’t put this book down.”


GONE cover.jpg


(Detective / Psychological / Conspiracy Thriller)

A family disappears. Either Detective Jason Rondeau knows why, or he’s losing his mind.

“What a twisted and Intense thriller. I devoured this book! Just when I thought I knew the answers, another twist blew me away. Incredible writing and great story. Any thriller fans will love this.”




A woman with no identity is found floating in Rookery Bay. Rookie special agent Tom Lange must navigate an underground world of sex, drugs, and violence to find her killer.





An inmate suddenly dies in county jail and clinical therapist Heather Moss is blamed. Tom Lange moves her into witness protection as he hunts for her killer – possibly the same man who ordered the death of his own brother.



TJ Brearton Author photo pngAbout T.J. Brearton

After fiddling around with college, pursuing a range of subjects including psychology and philosophy, Brearton went to film school and worked in industry for a few years. He’s also worked construction, demolition, carpentry and bartending; he’s waited tables, managed a non-profit, and once cleaned the moss off tombstones. Now he lives in the Adirondacks with his wife and three children where he writes full time, takes out the trash, and competes with his kids for his wife’s attention.

T. J. Brearton’s books have been on the top 100 list for Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, and Canada. He is the author of thirteen novels:





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