12/04/2017 – 12/04/2018 Wow – 1 year and what a year it has been

Well I find it difficult to believe but it is only a year since I accepted my first Social Media Book Promotion.

I have been reading and reviewing for several years now and really enjoyed it so in December 2016 I set up my Blog:  Books n All Book Promotions and I was really enjoying sharing the book love across many social media platforms.

Dad had moved to Wales by this time and although in brilliant health he was in his 80’s and I wanted to be able to spend more time with him so I had an idea:  to make a few enquiries and see if I could earn a bit of money to enable me to reduce my employed hours and enable me to spend time with Dad.  So the idea grew and about that time I signed up to the Advance Reader list for Joffe Books and received a copy of THEIR LOST DAUGHTERS.  WOW what a book that was I was hooked from the very first page (you can read my blog post here)  I was also impressed with the lay out the book was straight to the point with no padding and just the right length.  So Joffe Books seemed to be a good place to start and I sent off an email.  I was absolutely ecstatic to get a reply shortly afterwards saying they were looking for someone to do Social Media Promotion.  It sounded like a match made in heaven.

On 12th April 2017 (1 year today)  The advance copy of GUIDE STAR by Joy Ellis (you can read my blog post here) was ready This was a women’s fiction book so a bit of an odd ball and I was on holiday in the USA so we agreed I would promote it as a trial run.  A trial and error run might have been a better description.  I had many panic attacks trying to arrange a Blog Tour and party and might have thrown the towel in had Joy not been so appreciative of everything and other authors so supportive.  The Launch Party – well I am not sure Party is the right word but I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Joy and Angela Petch for being there and backing me all the way.

I survived and each promotion got easier and the Launch Parties CRAZIER and so here we are 1 year on.  It has been a fantastic and difficult year.  I was on a very steep learning curve but as the work came in my hours at work reduced and I was spending more time in Wales.  So I decided to take the plunge and hand my notice in.  8th January this year was the first day of ‘freedom’  and I was also lucky enough to have a contract with another publisher for behind the scenes work.  Life was good.  I love Joffe and their authors and I was spending a couple of days a week with Dad.  But fate always has to step in.  Dad died suddenly and unexpectedly while waiting for  a heart operation. I was devastated (I still am) but the support and kind messages and gifts from the authors, bloggers and readers in the book community was amazing.  I would like to say a very big THANK YOU  to everyone for your support, encouragement, help and for being the best friends I have ever had.   Jill xx

I would like to say a special THANK YOU to the people below who helped me on that very first promotion of GUIDE STAR:

Portobello Book Blog

Short Book and Scribes

Maggie James Fiction

Great British Book Blog

By the Letter Book Reviews

Angela Petch and of course the brilliant Joy Ellis for your support at my first launch party,

JOFFE BOOKS for taking a chance on me


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