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Today I am very pleased to share with you my review of Black Soul by TJ Brearton. This is book 4 in the Titan series.

What readers are saying about BLACK SOUL
“A well-paced story which keeps you hooked from the beginning and I wasn’t expecting that ending.” Nerys
“There’s lots of suspense, lots of action, especially when William is determined to save the girls by any means at his disposal.” Linda’s Book Reviews
“It’s one of those books where you really feel immersed.” Jessica
“This is an intense, emotional, gripping thriller that kept me reading until it was over.” KC

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A gripping and dark international thriller that you won’t want to put down.

A seventeen year-old girl is missing in Honduras.

Free-spirited Rene Sterling vanished ten days ago. Her father fears she’s been sold into sex slavery. Investigators William Chase and Hanna Beckett are his last hope to find her.

The island paradise she was exploring conceals dark crimes, corruption and real danger.

Hanna and William’s mission is to disrupt human-trafficking gangs across the world. But this investigation will push their relationship to breaking point and put their lives at risk.

In a thrilling conclusion, they face a choice between real justice and obeying the law.

Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbo, or Dennis Lehane novels.

This is the fourth book in the best-selling Titan Series, though it can be read as a standalone.


My Review

My rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

I am a big fan of TJ Brearton and have read books from his other series’ but this is the first Titan book I have read. I think my enjoyment would have been greater had I read the earlier books so would recommend that readers do start at the beginning of the series.

The book begins in Russia with a woman being abused and we are introduced to William and Hanna who are undercover agents.

I did find the book a little slow going at first but the intrigue was there and that was enough for me to keep turning the pages. The pace increases as the book progresses until the adrenaline pumping ending which is a real shocker. As I was reading I had considered several outcomes but the actual ending was not one I considered.

William grew on me throughout the book. He was struggling on many fronts. A recovering alcoholic with an ingrained desire to eliminated the scum responsible for trafficking young girls among many countries. His partner is Hanna who balances him out perfectly. She is the voice of reason, the patient one who realises that ‘gently, gently catchy monkey’ whereas William is all about action now before any more young women are damaged. The pair obviously have history and care deeply about each other.

I am not a massive fan of ‘Agent’ books as I find there is a lot going on and I struggle to keep it all straight in my mind and this book was no different. However, it is a very good read with plenty going on to the keep the reader gripped.

All in all a good read and well worth the 4.4 stars

TJ Brearton Author photo pngAuthor Bio

T. J. Brearton is a bestselling author and screenwriter. His books have been on the top 100 list for Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, and Canada. He has written more than a dozen novels from his home in the Adirondacks where he also enjoys competing with his three children for his wife’s attention.


Website: http://tjbrearton.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tjbreartonauthor/
Twitter: @BreartonTJ

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