Looking back on 2017

2017 has been a very eventful and life changing year for me.  I have been reviewing books for some time and after joining groups and interacting with other readers I took the plunge and set up a Blog.  My first attempt was ditched early on but I learned as I went along and while it may not be the best Blog around but it is my own work and the followers are increasing regularly.

This led to Social Media Promotion with Joffe Books and the creation of my team of amazing #bloggers that use their own time and expertise to help me time and time again.  For these selfless people I am immensely grateful as are the authors and team at Joffe Books.  The #bloggers who have helped with #blogtours for Joffe Books are listed below.  Please take the time to visit their blogs and maybe consider following them.

Blog logIn 2017 I arranged 26 #blogtours and some of these #bloggers helped on 20 or more of these tours and they will receive a thank you notebook from me:

Donna @ Donna’s Book Blog

Sheila @ The Quiet Geordie

Simon @ Black Books Blog

Linda Strong Book Reviews helped on 19 and will receive a voucher



Looking forward to 2018 I will continue with Social Media Promotion for Joffe Books and I will continue to work with Stephen Puleston.  In addition I am very excited to be commencing the role of Operations Executive with Bloodhound Books.  I feel very blessed to be working with my 2 favourite publishers in completely different areas.


Anne Bonny Book Reviews https://annebonnybookreviews.wordpress.com/
Ali the Dragon Slayer www.alithedragonslayer.co.uk
Book Snail Reads https://booksnailreviews.wordpress.com/
Books and Opinions https://booksandopinions.com/
Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie https://jenanita01.com/
Mystery Thriller Week www.mysterythrillerweek.com
Sweet Little Book https://sweetlittlebookblog.wordpress.com/
Donna’s Book Blog https://donnasbookblog.wordpress.com/
Battty About Books http://battyaboutbooks.tumblr.com/
Jessica Loves to Read http://jessicalovestoread.com
Paperback Princess www.princessofpaperback.wordpress.com
Sassy Redhead Book Reviews https://sassyredheadbookreviews.wordpress.com/
My Reading Corner http://www.myreadingcorner.co.uk
Linda Strong Book Reviews https://www.goodreads.com/13684015-linda-strong
Turn The Page Blog http://turnthepage17.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
On the Shelf Reviews https://ontheshelfreviews.wordpress.com
Jen Meds Book Reviews https://jenmedsbookreviews.com
The Haphazardous Hippo http://thehaphazardoushippo.blogspot.co.uk
Orchard Book Club www.orchardbookclub.wordpress.com
Nicki`s Life of Crime http://nickislifeofcrime.blogspot.co.uk/
Short Book and Scribes http://shortbookandscribes.uk/
Roxy Starr Blogger https://roxannestarr.wordpress.com/
By The Letter Book Reviews https://bytheletterbookreviews.com/
Seans Book Reviews https://seansbookreviews.wordpress.com/
The Quiet Geordie https://thequietgeordie.wordpress.com/
Black Books Blog https://blackbooks2017.wordpress.com/
A Bookaholic’s Utopia https://bookwonderlandofsubinita.wordpress.com/
Books From Dusk Till Dawn https://booksfromdusktilldawn.wordpress.com/
Susans Book Review https://suziemiles.wordpress.com
Guest Review http://ilovereading1.weebly.com/
Ginger Book Geek https://gingerbookgeek.wordpress.com
Book Reviews and More https://adoringfiction.wordpress.com
Joanna Larum’s Reviews https://www.goodreads.com/review/joanna-larum?shelf=read
Shyla’s Uncensored Opinions www.shylasuncensoredopinions.co.uk


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