BLOG TOUR: The Future Can’t Wait by Angelena Boden

“the heart and emotion of the story sing through the pages” – Kerensa Jennings, bestselling author of Seas of Snow

“A mother’s story of longing and loss in today’s world, beautifully rendered and never more relevant” – Andrew Smith, bestselling author of The Speech

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The Future Can’t Wait is a contemporary novel set in multicultural Birmingham against a background of growing radicalisation of young people sympathetic to Islamic State.   Kendra Blackmore’s half Iranian daughter Ariana (Rani) undergoes an identity crisis which results in her cutting off all contact with her family. Sick with worry and desperate to understand why her home loving daughter would do this, Kendra becomes increasingly desperate for answers – and to bring her estranged daughter home….

My Review

This is a very moving story that is based around events that are very much in the minds of parents in the UK.  It is based in the Birmingham area where my daughter attended university and I was therefore able to sympathize with Kendra.

Kendra is struggling.  She has lost the connection with her husband and her daughter has turned into someone she doesn’t know or understand.  Her friend also leans on her and expects her to solve her problems too.  In short everyone is taking from her and she is getting no support in return.  Her concerns are pushed aside by the selfish people who are supposed to care.

The characters build gradually through the book and develop well.  The story moves along at a steady pace that keeps the reader turning the pages.

This is a very interesting and thought provoking read and I thank Abby and Angelena for the ARC and invitation to join the blog tour.

AB2Author Bio:

Angelena Boden (M.Soc.Sc PGDE) has spent thirty five years as an international training consultant, specialising in interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. She trained in Transactional Analysis, the psychology of communication and behaviour, her preferred tool for counselling and coaching.

Since retiring from training, she runs a coaching practice in Malvern for people who are going through transition periods in their life; divorce, empty nesting, redundancy or coping with difficult situations at work, home and within the wider family.

Angelena has two half Iranian daughters and has extensive experience of helping mixed nationality couples navigate problems in their marriages.

She is the author of The Cruelty of Lambs, a novel about psychological domestic abuse. Her new book, The Future Can’t Wait tackles the breakdown of a mother and daughter relationship within a cross cultural context. It is published by Urbane Publications and is out in November 2017.

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Twitter: @AngelenaBoden


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