BLOG BLITZ: Closer to Home by Helen Hammersley

Thank you to Sarah Hardy for inviting me on the #blogblitz for this brilliant book set on my home turf of South Yorkshire. A gripping read with twists and turns and a curve ball ending – well worth the 5 stars.

CLOSER note final.jpgBook Description

Family. Secrets. Murder.

Newly promoted DI Kate Fletcher has reluctantly returned to her home town after a twenty-year absence and a recent divorce.  The discovery of a child’s body near the estate where Kate grew up has her rushing back to Thorpe – a place of bad memories and closed mouths.

As her team investigate the murder, they keep hitting dead ends. The community is reluctant to reopen old wounds and retell old stories.  But Kate’s history refuses to stay buried.

Then another child disappears…

Can Kate solve the case and right the wrongs from her past?

My Review

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I am South Yorkshire born and bred and it was lovely to read about the area I am so familiar with.  The book is really well written and I loved the characters.  It is very much Police Procedural and again I loved reading about the processes and hierarchy in the Police Force.

Kate was a teenager during the troubles of the miner’s strike  which caused her, and her sister, to be bullied at school.  When the family moved away from Thorpe she thought her troubles were over.  However, fate decided differently and she is promoted to DI in Doncaster and is thrown straight in to murders in the village of her childhood.

The team struggle to find a way forward with the case as they hit dead end after dead end.  Little do they know that they are looking in the wrong direction.  Team members have their own ideas of who they like for the crime and they are all wrong,  Raymond, DCI tries to persuade Kate away from her gut instincts and tempt her down what he thinks is the right path but Kate is not convinced.

As the dots are slowly joined up the pace of the book increases as the team rush to get to the killer before it is too late.

A very good read.  It lacked some of the gore and adrenaline pumping suspense that I love which lost it a few marks but it was still an extremely gripping read,

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the advance copy.

71hGlqTwy1L._UX250_Author Bio:

Heleyne Hammersley was born in South Yorkshire but has lived in Cumbria for the last twenty years where she sometimes teaches English and often walks on the fells.

She has been writing since junior school – her first work was a collection of poems called Give Them the Works when she was ten years old. The poems were carefully handwritten on plain paper and tied together with knitting wool. Since then she’s gone on to complete a number of creative writing courses with the Open University and she is a regular NaNoWriMo participant.

The idea for her first novel, Forgotten, came about while on an extended holiday in China and South-East Asia in 2001.

Heleyne’s second novel, Fracture, again features travel. Set against the backdrop of the Great Ocean Road this tense psychological thriller centres around a fatal road trip.




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