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LIES THAT POISON by Amanda Fleet

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Jen Meds Book Reviews

‘Lies that Poison is a psychological thriller that centres on the lives of Tom, Alys and Hannah. The story goes between the past and the present as it explains some of the actions of the main characters.’ Read more here

Sweet Little Book

‘Lies That Poison by Amanda Fleet is a psychological thriller with a difference. What’s the difference you may ask……. that’s for me to know and you to find out?’ Read more here

The Quiet Geordie

Guest Post: Rationale for Lies That Poison

Black Books Blog

‘The story follows Tom as he moves to a village and meets some of the villagers, including Hannah and Alys, who the story revolve around.’ Read more here

Donna’s Book Blog

‘The writing style and descriptions used were spot on and made me feel as though I was there with them, I liked the character of Hannah…’ Read more here

Orchard Book Club

Books n All

‘Tom is recovering from a broken heart and an accident and moves to the village to build a business and a new life. Read more here


My Reading Corner



Linda Strong Book Reviews

‘This is an excellent psychological thriller. Is Alys really someone else … someone else that poses a real danger to Tom? Or is Hannah seeing and feeling things from long ago and hasn’t a clue?’ Read more here

Turn the Page Blog

Guest Post: Questions I Often Get Asked by Amanda Fleet

Baatty About Books

Author Questions and Answers

LIES THAT POISON by Amanda Fleet

FINAL COVERDo you love psychological thrillers? Discover a new writer who will have you gripped from start to finish. This is a novel with a stunning twist that you won’t see coming.

When Tom Bowman moves to a pretty Yorkshire village to start a new business, he meets two women who will change his life.

Alys is a young woman with a troubled past, including an abusive boyfriend. She says she doesn’t want another man, but a relationship soon develops between her and Tom.

Tom’s other neighbour is Hannah, an elderly woman who is often confused between past and present. 50 years ago, her sister died tragically young. Now, she sometimes thinks that Tom is the man who was to blame.

Hannah hates Alys, and warns Tom that he is in great danger from the woman he’s falling in love with.

Who should he believe and who is poisoning his mind with lies?

In a pulsating conclusion, Tom will face a heartbreaking choice with the potential to shatter everything he has built.

Perfect for readers who love C. L. Taylor, Ruth Ware or Clare Mackintosh.

Author Bio


Amanda Fleet is a physiologist by training and a writer at heart. She spent 18 years teaching science and medicine undergraduates at St Andrews University, but now uses her knowledge to work out how to kill people (in her books!). She completed her first degree at St Andrews University and her doctorate at University College, London.

She has been an inveterate stationery addict since a child, amassing a considerable stash of fountain pens, ink and notebooks during her lifetime. These have thankfully come in useful, as she tends to write rather than type, at least in the early stages of writing a book.

During her time at St Andrews, she was involved with two Scottish Government funded projects, working with the College of Medicine in Blantyre, Malawi. While in Malawi, she learned about the plight of the many street children there and helped to set up a Community Based Organisation that works with homeless Malawian children to support them through education and training – Chimwemwe Children’s Centre. It was this experience that helped to shape the Malawian aspects in her first novel, The Wrong Kind of Clouds.

Amanda lives in Scotland with her husband, where she can be found writing, walking and running. The Wrong Kind of Clouds is her début novel and was published by Matador in early 2016.


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