BLOG TOUR: Locked Up by Gail Williams

Locked Up by Gail Williams

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‘It makes for very hard reading in places and takes the reader on a journey through many emotions as we navigate the twists, turns and dead ends that is this book.’


A prison officer and a convicted killer must work together to solve a brutal murder and expose conspiracy inside a prison.

Ariadne Teddington is surrounded by people who lie but that is to be expected when you work in prison where every man claims to be innocent.

Charlie Bell, an ex Detective, now finds himself in that prison serving time for murder after having taken the law into his own hands.

When a fellow inmate is killed Charlie is asked to investigate the case from the inside. Soon Charlie finds himself working with Ariande but she is a guard, he is an inmate and some lines should never be crossed…

Can two people on different sides of the law come together to solve the case?

And do the answers lie closer to home than anyone ever imagined?


Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars

The book begins with Charlie, an ex-detective, who has been sentenced to prison for killing somebody and is waiting for parole. At first I thought it was another ‘I am in prison because….’ book. However, it soon becomes clear that it is so much more. An inmate is brutally murdered and a guard, secretly, asks Charlie to help and so begins a bumpy journey through life, relationships and violence to a very dramatic and unexpected conclusion.

Charlie is a very likeable character who trashed his life to make the streets a little bit safer. He didn’t realise that sacrifice would come back at him in a tragic way. Teddington is a prison officer who loves her job, She is well liked by the inmates and develops an attraction to Charlie she is unable to control.

This is a very realistic picture of what real life is like inside a prison with no sugar coating. It makes for very hard reading in places and takes the reader on a journey through many emotions as we navigate the twists, turns and dead ends that is this book.

I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Gail WiliamsAUTHOR BIO:

After being made redundant in 2012, GB started taking her life-long passion for writing more seriously and looking to sell her work. Specialising in complex, fast-paced crime novels, she started writing the Locked Series in 2014, and has been working to polish and perfect since – not to mention – sell.

GB was shortlisted for the 2014 CWA Margery Allingham Short Story Competition with the story Last Shakes, now available in Last Cut Casebook. She is also a feature writer and comic book reviewer on Crime novels are her stock in trade, but she has had success with short stories in various genres including steampunk, horror, erotica and general fiction.

With bills to pay, she’s back working as a systems architect by day, a freelance fiction editor and keen writer of an evening and weekend. GB really needs to learn to sleep.

Originally from Kent, GB moved to South Wales as a supposed first step on a year around the world. Then she met a guy. Kept the guy, kissed the travel goodbye. Knowing that the best way to travel is by book anyway, she has always read, always written. GB now has two grown-up children, the world’s most imperious cat, a house full of books and a hard drive full of manuscripts (though some will never be allowed out of a locked basement).

Twitter: @GailBWilliams






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