BLOG TOUR WRAP UP: Buried on the Fens by Joy Ellis


The Quiet Geordie

I’m pleased to be wrapping up the Blog Tour for Joy Ellis’ new book, “Buried on The Fens”

Guest Post: How the story came together, by Joy Ellis

My writing is generally what they call organic. Bit like compost, tip it all in and hope that what comes out will be useful! I get a very small idea about something, just a “what if?” moment. Then I pass it over to my characters and see what they think. As soon as Nikki or Jackman say, “We have a case”, I start work.

Sweet Little Book

Joy has written an easy flowing book, which I could easily chill out and sit comfortably to read, there were no struggles in comprehending the storyline or the narrative.

Over the Rainbow Book Blog

Today I am sharing with you a review from Joyce’s Reviews on Goodreads. I have Joyce’s permission and blessing to share this with you. This review can also be accessed via









Black Books Blog

The book has two story lines which look separate to start with merge perfectly towards the end, with one suspect, but they don’t know his name or what he now looks like.

The book was full of suspense and tension throughout, which made it a very enjoyable read. Joy is now one of my new favourite authors and I will be going through her back catalogue to read more about Nikki Galena and her team.

I Love Reading

Another exceptional read. The book kicks off with an unofficial body found in a cemetery, a body that has been their for years. Then a member of an exclusive and secretive drinking club called The Briar Patch is found dead. The two cases are being investigated separately but could there be a link.
​Well it’s down to Nicki and her team to find out who and why. It seems no one is telling the truth, we have plenty of twists through this book and I have to say it really does keep you guessing the whole way through. Old secrets come out and new secrets discovered. Not everyone is who they seem to be. And sometimes when you want to keep everything you do a secret cooperating with the police is not something you want to do.

 Donna’s Book Blog

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the heart-stopping ending. Having read the book I have to fully agree!! I loved Nikki as the main character and the story flowed brilliantly around her. She is a great character and after reading this book I definitely want to read the previous ones!! For me, Joy is now an author to watch! Loved it – 5 stars from me!!!

One Readers Thoughts

Secrets are big in Buried on the Fens – their are lots of them and people seem willing to die in order to keep them.  Nothing is quite as it seems – my favourite type of book.  This all adds to the tension, which ratchets up page by page, chapter by chapter to what is a pretty good climax of a pretty good book and one I loved.  A recommended read!

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