What the readers are saying:

Nicki’s Life of Crime

OMG,this really is a fast paced roller coaster ride.After spending a few pages getting to know Darby,the reader is launched into a danger packed,adrenaline ride that rockets along and grips the reader so tightly that you sometimes have difficulty breathing.

Black Books Blog

The book started off with a bang and kept up the pace throughout the book.

The Quiet Geordie

I’ve not yet had a chance to read this thrilling book, but luckily Taylor has given some inside information to the book:

Turn The Page Blog

This is a fantastic book, full of twists and turns! Very dark and I wasn’t able to put it down once I had started it.

Short Book & Scribes

12 Things I Learned Writing NO EXIT by Taylor Adams

Books from Dusk till Dawn

There are tense and heart breaking moments in this book. It isn’t a fast paced read. It is one built on intrigue and fear, one to make your own mind think of what you would do. This is a night that you pray comes to an end and the right people eventually see the daylight. A super read!

Sweet Little Book

No Exit is one nail-biter of a thriller, Taylor Adams has a written a superbly intense read which will leave you wanting more.

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

A few pages in, the first in a series of nasty twists caught me completely off guard, and I could only watch helplessly as Darby starts to fight her way through this incredible story.

The Paperback Princess

It was incredibly fast paced and had me hooked from the start, when Darby Thorne gets stuck in a storm and has to pull over at a rest stop.  From then on, Darby thinks she sees a child trapped in a van.  But with no cell reception, she is stranded with 4 stranded with 4 strangers – one being the kidnapper.

Anne Bonny Book Reviews

We’ll kill her tonight. Then my brother and I are going to need a place to sleep for a few weeks. And I need to know — for sure — that you’re good for what we talked about. Send me your half in writing.

BLOG TOUR – NO EXIT by Taylor Adams

This book starts at a steady pace but the adrenaline builds at an increasing pace throughout the book with the end result being a psychological thriller at its very best.

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